Maya in hinduism

For every teacher teaches wisdom
For every guru, has wisdom as its guide.

May my hand be in the hands of the holy
May my feet be in the feed of the holy.

Maya in hinduism means illusory energy.
Like buddha was fighting of demons,

like krsna killed demons at birth.

Maya has a good and bad side.
The good side to have telepathy and telekinesis.
The bad side all the daydreams and fantasies.

For Maya is hindu-wisdom,
i point towards the hindu scriptures.
Like the Concise Yoga Vasistha.

For obliterating maya has no meaning,
you have to give it a right place.

For in a big war, maya is the means of communication,
For in war with a demon, telekinesis is the defence.

As i heard someone say,
when in maya or illusion,
if you surrender to it,
it supports you in learning,
and in coming free of illusion.
It becomes a guide.