Awara, the air

The only article in Lingua Franca on earth.

As earth and air as words co-optate.
as air and licht are possible twins.

Awara, is the art of breathing consciously.
Awara, is the art of seeing the daylight.

Awara is, reality and awareness.
Awara, is consciousness
Awara is the soul and atman.
Awara, is the breath of life.

For Awara grants virtues and vices
For Awara grants wisdom and dumbness
For Awara gives the soul its radiance.
For Awara gives the mind its knowledge
For Awara gives earth his instruments.

For Awara is the word of the wise.
For Awara is the word of the sages.
For Awara is the word of the holy ones.
For Awara is the word for the angels.

Awara: Every moment aware of the truth.
Awara: Every moment as a new creaion of the All-creator.
Awara: Who says i have no consciousness or awareness without lying.
Awara, My soul is awareness, My atman is awareness

For Awareness is Param Atman,
For Awareness is Brahman,
For Awareness, i am.
Here and Now,
Spontianious and open-minded.

For Awareness is the holy goal of life.
For Awareness is the ticket to heaven.